THINKING HORROR: a Journal of Horror Philosophy is a nonfiction journal devoted to modern and contemporary horror literature consisting of essays, editorials, and in-depth interviews. The journal will be focused on the contexts and concepts of horror fiction. Unlike other markets, it’s going to eschew the regular columns you’re used to—no news, no promotional fluff pieces, no reviews. Instead, this is going to be about horror itself, its philosophical mechanics, about how it interacts with us, and we with it. Each volume of the journal will focus on a single theme, the first of which is Horror in the Twenty-First Century featuring interviews with Nate Southard, Molly Tanzer, Simon Strantzas, Michael Kelly, Nathan Ballingrud, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia and essays by Kurt Fawver, Gary Fry, Helen Marshall, Jeremy R. Smith, Andrew P. Williams, and Michael Cisco.