In a secretive chthonic cult, young and beautiful witch Mistress Coralie yearns for her ascension to the High Council--an opportunity which presents itself upon the untimely death of her aunt.

With a coveted position on the Council comes more power over the coven and the opportunity to breed, thus furthering her bloodline. But first, she must select a mate.

For this purpose, an elite group of anatomically gifted women are bound in servitude to the coven. These magically-enhanced companions, upon forming a lifelong bond with a Mistress, exist only to serve her sexual needs and sire her offspring, speaking only when spoken to, and obeying her every command without question.

As per coven tradition, Coralie must take her pick from a coterie of willing playmates who've yet to secure their permanent bonds, but events seem set to take a turn for the murderous when she instead pins her sights on Pet: an inexperienced companion who's already irrevocably--but unhappily--tied to another Mistress.


***Contains graphic & explicit language***

This book contains sexual themes, of which futanari / futa (females with male genitalia), mild petplay, and D/s are central components. Among other things, there are also scenes of an erotic nature depicting adult breastfeeding.