When a man really needs to be cuckolded, denied and tormented, sometimes a thoughtful woman will indulge him in still deeper and even more erotic forms of humiliation. She might break out the camera or cell phone to capture her betrayal on camera for her own amusement -- and her husband's humiliated arousal! That's the strategy used by the wicked women in Wives on Camera, who tease and taunt their men with mementos of marital misdeeds, knowing each filthy photo is worth a thousand dirty words!

In "Just a Game," a wife chats with her husband while she seduces her boss, sending him pics of the hot, low-cut blouse she uses to ensnare her superior! Shane Flynn tells the tale of a submissive husband discovers a hidden DVD that served as his wife's "promo reel" when she was a porn star. Only he never knew his wife was a porn star! Simultaneously thrilled and humiliated, he tastes the sweet submission of knowing his wife let other men do filthy things to her... and that she kept the video evidence, leaving it where he could find it! But was his wife careless, cruel, kind, or a little of all three? In Meredith Marshall's "Home from My Date," a wife returns home from having sex with a stranger to show her husband the mess he's only seen in the filthy snapshots she's been sending him. But now, she's going to introduce him to the mess her lover left -- up-close and personal! In "The Truth Hurts," Amy Dillon relates the story of a wife whose cuckold husband confronts her about her affair with her boss. Lucky for him, his wife has been keeping the photographic details, in the form of hundreds of photos her boss snapped with her phone camera while he fucked her. She shamelessly shares them with him while she pleasures herself -- and makes him do the same. Josie Blackwell's "Video Input" visits a chastity-locked husband who's kept in a cage while his wife, Sabrina, "dates." But while she's out on her first date with a stud named Malik, Sabrina's not satisfied making Josie sleep in a cage... she wants him to see what a slut she's being! She's wired the sissy's cell phone into their huge bedroom TV, so he'll see every photo she sends him on the big screen, in excruciating detail! His chastity becomes a kind of physical torment on top of the denial as the cuckold becomes more aroused with each of his wife's shameless snapshots! In "Real Cuckolds," Heather Stevens tells of a wife whose second career as a semi-pro porn star is assisted by her husband -- who holds her and helps her while she takes on a dozen or more men in a single scene! And in Audrey Bouchard's "Office Party," a submissive husband is invited to his go-getter wife's annual office party, only to find himself lured by her into the security surveillance station. But she's not there to meet him -- rather, she wants him to watch the surveillance cameras while she surrenders to her hot black boss right where he can see!

With aggression, cruelty, kindness and -- always! -- panache, these wives on camera make their men crawl and look good while doing it. These powerful stories of cheating, cuckolding, female domination and husband feminization will leave you with panties so wet you might just need to change them... or take them off entirely...

Wives on Camera is an explicit erotic collection of consensual power play stories. It is intended only for an adult audience that wishes to read frank descriptions of sexual behavior, including cuckolding, cheating, forced feminization, domination, submission, bondage, oral sex, anal sex, forced exhibitionism, erotic punishment, erotic humiliation, threesomes, strap-on sex and other forms of sexual variation. Do not sample, buy or read it if you might find such themes offensive.
Just a Game by Sonia Palmer
Promo Reel by Shane Flynn
Home from My Date by Meredith Marshall
The Truth Hurts by Amy Dillon
Video Input by Josie Blackwell
Real Cuckolds by Heather Stevens
Office Party by Audrey Bouchard