'The House Warming' by John Greenwood. A tale of a family making a new start in the country, and the strange folk they find there.

'Quarry Hogs' by Jane Jakeman. In the 19th century a gentleman's estate was his little kingdom. But some kingdoms cannot repel the barbarians at the gates.

'Our Autumnal Passage' by Thomas Stromsholt. 'The quietness made us aware of just how dead the town had become: all the small shops were closed, the cafeteria was empty, no bells sounded from the church, and the streets lay undisturbed by traffic.'

'An To Bury Ring' by Tom Johnstone. An ancient stone circle exerts its influence over a pair of lovers.

'Over the Gate' by Aonghus Fallon. 'Maybe love can draw lovers together no matter what stands between them, whether it’s miles or years. Ever since that day I’ve always reckoned hate is every bit as powerful.'

'The Tagalong' by Sean Logan. A group of young people find themselves in a backwoods trailer park. Quiet, isn't it?

'Marshlights' by Marc Lacard. 'I see you in your sorrowful, heavy flesh, and I would make you lighter.'