A thrice-yearly magazine - first published in 2001 - devoted to short stories that have a supernatural element. This can mean traditional ghost stories and weird tales or more complex and elusive fiction that can loosely be defined as horror. The stories collected in this issue are:
'The Middle Park' by Michael Chislett. A young couple out for a stroll in London discover more than they bargained for.
'Dark Tracks' by Christopher Harman. A ramshackle ghost-train suffers from a very disturbing obstruction on the line.
'Who Walks Beside You' by Chloe N. Clark. A lonely man finds himself haunted by a strange companion.
'Some Houses - a Rumination' by Brian J. Showers. Can buildings be sick, or insane?
'Murder, Lamentation, and the Guild of Ghosts' by Gillian Bennett. A comedy of (bad) manners on the part of spooks.
'The Refurbishment' by Peter Bell. An old-school ghost story that gives short shrift to the modern heritage industry.