A collection of quiet horror and weird fiction by British and American authors, each of whom has their own distinct vision of the strange and shadowy world we inhabit.
'The Singing' by Iain Rowan. A strange castaway divides an isolated fishing community - is his beautiful singing voice a blessing or a curse?
'Ilona' by Tina Rath. A hospital cleaner's job is not an easy one...
'The Tempest Glass' by Daniel Mills. In old New England, a pastor is confronted by a terrifying vision in a haunted mirror.
'Screech' by Gemma Farrow. A pregnant woman warns her husband that horrifying entities will try to steal her baby.
'A Moment of Your Time' by Katherine Haynes. Sometimes, you should just walk right past them...
'Last Testament' by Craig D.B. Patton. A man discovers disturbing images on his late brother's computer.
'The Second Wish' by James Everington. A middle-aged man discovers that his dead parents' home is no place for a quiet night.