Weird Tales by leading UK and overseas authors.

'The Tunnel' by Peter Bell. 'I noticed that both had distressingly thin and bandy legs, resulting in a peculiar gait, both fearful and pathetic. The boy, especially, sidled along with a low, crab-like shuffle that made my flesh creep.'

'Mr. Nousel's Mirror' by Michael Keyton. Here is a strange legacy, part science, part sorcery. What lurks in the depths of the black light?

'The Dress' by Elizabeth Brown. 'I ran my hands over myself, gently so as not to snag my fingers on the many little plates, and it felt almost as though each piece of metal sent a little electric current into my skin.'

'13 Nassau Street' by Martin Hayes. Welcome to the most exclusive club in Dublin. Though the decor leaves something to be desired.

'Cabin D' by Ian Rogers. Something has to be done about 'the most haunted building south of the Mason-Dixon Line'. But what?

'The Language of the Nameless Region' by Richard Gavin. A bookshop, a man, a woman, a gift. But this is not a romance.

'Lessons' by Katherine Haynes. 'She could tell immediately, despite the sun’s shining in the real outdoors, that the dolls’ house was trapped in the heart of winter.'