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We're more than just a horror short story magazine, we are what the horror novels fear

If you are easily scared, afraid of the dark, or fear nightmares don't enter the Sanitarium! When it comes to entertainment would you rather have one long book, or multiple short gripping stories? I think the latter is the best bet as well, and that is exactly what you'll get with Sanitarium. Each short story is written by a different Independent author giving you, the reader, an experience you a horror experience that you will not want to escape..... Even if you could.

With the perfect mixture of suspense thriller, horror, dark horror, and other scary favorites you will instantly fall in love with these short horror stories. The short stories are carefully chosen and mixed with the right amount of dread, shrieks, and gasp inducing fear you've been seeking.

Welcome to the Sanitarium

The perfect length for your in-between reading, you’ll love the portability of this little slice of damnation as you tremble while you wait for the doctor, fear for your life over lunch, and lose yourself in the mesmerizing poetry of oblivion. It’s that easy to dive into these short horror fiction reads. Discover new authors and awake new nightmares each and every month. Sound too crazy to be true?

Within Sanitarium (Horror Fiction and Dark Verse) Magazine Issue 20 you will find the horror fiction you're deepest fears crave:

Donor by Rayne KaaHedberg
The Inbox by Anthony Hanks
Twenty-Four & A Bottle of Rye by Adam Kennedy
The Afternoon Show by Kanishka Narayan
Shopping by Luke Tarzian
My Love Will Never Leave You by Kieron Hazel
Yomi by Ben Welton
Shacked Up by Daniel Flaherty
Coated in Canvas by James Park
Old King Coal by James Michael Shoberg
Moon Walk Reprise by Alex Bardy

In addition to these fear inflicting horror short stories, you will also find out:

News – We cover up and coming anthologies and collections awaiting your submissions
See who ís riding high in the US and UK Kindle charts.
Another question is posed to the Vampire Queen.
We spend a moment with Shaun Hutson
And we see "Where the Horror Happens" with David Flora

A little word from our readers:

One of the great things about Sanitarium Magazine is the effort they put into discovering new authors. Many horror magazines favor work of King or other "proven" authors, but by reaching out the the next generation, Sanitarium opens the door to really new ideas.” - DL SHANNON // DEVER, CO

Sanitarium is an excellent high quality horror magazine full of new, emerging writers and some old faces. All the stories are very good. However, my personal favourite by Lex Sinclair stands out as the best. It has elements of Edgar Allen Poe.” - SAM // LONDON, UK

Enter THE truly horrifying Sanitarium now...